I have created this website to document my journey on starting businesses and share the lessons learned along the way.

Starting a business has always been fun for me and I enjoy doing it even on weekends.

As of today, I am currently running 2 businesses – Axcel Digital, a marketing agency and 24 Local, a local media company.

Axcel Digital has done really well and I now have a mixture of premium clients and lower-tiered service clients, most of which have stable retainers from services such as Google ads, SEO, Social Media Management and Social Media ads.

24 Local on the other hand is still a complete failure as I have not put in the time needed to build the business and figure out ways to monetize. Perhaps I have started this too soon without putting too much thought into it as running Axcel Digital is taking out the large portion of my time.

However, as I made a few new hires, perhaps I can now allocate some time to strategize 24 Local.

Before the end of 2019, I plan to start 3 more businesses:

  1. PPC
  2. Luxury
  3. Property

1: PPC

Let’s start with the first, PPC.

Among all the marketing strategies out there, my favourite is still PPC (Pay Per Click).

So my plan is to start a PPC website to educate customers on the effectiveness of PPC, as well as sell the DIY service if they prefer outsourcing.

For those who prefer doing the work themselves, I would be recording the step by step Youtube videos to share my PPC knowledge and strategies.

I am in the midst of brainstorming for a name and I am aiming to register the domain and hosting by the end of September 2019 and have the website live latest by 15 October 2019.

2: Luxury

Moving onto the luxury business.

This business is really interesting as I have not done this type of business before and it would be a whole new learning experience.

I am planning to run this as an affiliate site for luxury travel, lifestyle, products etc.

The strategy would be to write an informative blog post about luxury products and rank the content organically via SEO, as well as running social media ads to the blog post.

Whenever someone clicks on the luxury products and purchase, I would get an affiliate commission.

For this, I am still brainstorming for a name as well as it’s really really difficult to find a good domain name with the word “luxury” in it as most names with luxury are already taken.

I am aiming to have this business launch by the end of October 2019

3: Property

I have always been fascinated by property and how property is something we all need and it’s also a landmark in our life as purchasing a property comes with a lot of commitment and responsibility

For this business, I have already created a website called Property Dealz, but it has been dormant as I didn’t have the time to keep it going.

However, recently my mom’s real estate company has launched an interesting project, with affordable pricing for that property.

This has piqued my interest to start using Property Dealz to advertise that project via social media ads to generate leads.

I will then send those leads to my mom and hopefully, she closes a couple and we can then share the property commission.

My target is to start running the ads by end of September or latest mid October.

Wrapping Up

This is my first ever blog post here and I hope this would be the start for many more.

I would love to continue sharing my journey and hope this would inspire aspiring entrepreneurs to start your business and succeed!

Thanks for reading and I’ll provide an update again soon.